Monday, June 21, 2021

Microbes now in our Redbubble Shop!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Geobiology sessions at GSA 2021 in Portland, Oregon

 Hi GBGM members, 

We are excited to be hosting two sessions and to be hosting so many exciting sessions covering a wide range of topics in geobiology at GSA 2021 in Portland (October 10-13, 2021) this year! 

Our two sessions, T124. New Advances in Geobiology and T125. New Voices in Geobiology will both highlight new hypotheses, methods, and field sites that address questions at the intersection of geological and biological processes. T125. New Voices in Geobiology will specifically aim to highlight early career researchers in our field. We are aiming to host these as hybrid sessions so that we can accommodate both in-person and remote presenters for oral presentations! 

We are also sponsoring 22 other excellent sessions that will cover a wide range of geobiology topics, from the Precambrian to the modern, and from Earth to Mars!

We hope that you'll submit an abstract to any of these sessions, and we'll see you (in person or virtually!) in Portland in October!