Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PhD Opportunity in paleoecology (NDSU)

A PhD research fellowship is available for a motivated researcher in paleoecology, paleontology, and evolution from the Department of Geosciences at NDSU. The successful applicant will be investigating marine invertebrates and paleoecology prior to the End-Triassic mass extinction at multiple latitudes, using sedimentology, microfossils, and paleoecological techniques. This funded project also involves the development of mentorship skills for other students and a significant field component.

Five years of funding are currently available, and students with a previous or soon-to-be-completed MS degrees in the fields of geology, earth sciences, ecology, or biological sciences are preferred, although the degree is not required if the applicant has some previous lab research experience. Degree will be offered through the Environmental Conservation Sciences program. 

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