Monday, November 19, 2018

2018 student presentation award winners

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the 2018 student presentation awards. As usual, we were all impressed with the quality and diversity of research conducted by our student members! Presentation feedback will be sent out in the next week or so (hopefully while everything is still fresh in your memory).

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our members who judged this year's competition. Without your feedback and support, this endeavour would not be possible. We are also very grateful to our student representative Amanda Godbold and Dylan Wilmeth for coordinating everything.
There were many interesting talks and posters at this year's GSA Meeting, so thank you to everyone who participated. The many excellent entries always make it difficult to choose winners, but here are the presentations that rose to the top.

Oral presentation winners:

Kathryn Mudica
 - Bioaccumulation Of Legacy Pollutants Using Lontra Canadensis (North American River Otter) As A Bioindicator

Erynn Johnson - 3D Printing Reveals Strengths And Weaknesses Of Prey Shape During The Mesozoic Marine Revolution

Poster presentation winners:
Broc Kokesh - Phenotypic Trajectory Analysis Reveals Temporal Divergence Of Shell Shape In Bivalves From Adjacent Marine Lakes

Maggie Stephenson - From Palm Savannahs To Hardwood Hammocks And Back: Palynology Of The Paleocene-Eocene Manawianui Drive Section, Bastrop County, TX

Honourable Mention:
Alison Cribb - Ecosystem engineering in the Ediacaran Nama Group, Namibia as a test for biological driver extinction of the Ediacara biota

As with previous years, we'll be handing out prizes at GBGM awards luncheon next year (GSA 2019). 

We'd like to thank all of the students who contacted us and put their names forward for consideration; it was a real privilege to see and hear about the work you've been doing, and we encourage you to enter again next year. Recognizing the excellent work of our members is the most important aspect of the GBGM division, so please stay in touch. It is wonderful to see the faces of the student population of GSA GBGM and there is a bright future ahead for this group!

All the best,

Rowan, Vicky, David, Trinity, Lydia, Simon

GSA GBGM Division Executive Committee