Thursday, December 19, 2019

PhD & Post-Doc Positions at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The AMGC group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel seeks to recruit PhD students and post-doctoral researchers in paleoclimate reconstructions, clumped isotopes and cyclostratigraphy.

The Analytical-Environmental and Geo-Chemistry group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium is a large research group composed on geologists, chemists, bio-engineers, bio-archaeologists working on a variety of topics in Earth and Environmental Sciences. The department is equipped with 4 IRMS, with automated carbonate devices, gas-bench, pyrolysis oven and elemental analysers, HR-ICP-MS, microXRF, portableXRF, and FTIR microscope, and various microscopy techniques. Through collaboration and joint purchases, AMGC also has access to MC-ICP-MS and TIMS. We are now recruiting new researchers to continue our work on paleoclimate reconstructions in recent and deep-time, using speleothems or micro-scale analyses in fossil shells, or applying cyclostratigraphy to establish robust astrochronologies to understand global change events in Paleozoic and Precambrian sequences. A key aspect, more particularly at the post-doctoral level is the development of clumped isotopes application using our new Nu-Perspective-IS IRMS. Outstanding candidate at the post-doc level may also propose their own research topic using AMGC facilities.

The PhD funding is for a duration of max. 4 years, the post-doc positions are 3 year max. Starting dates are flexible, preferentially Spring 2020. Applications will remain open until all positions are filled. Enthusiastic and motivated scientists are encouraged to apply. The salary makes it possible to live comfortably in Brussels and includes benefits (transport, medical etc.).

Questions contact: Philippe Claeys ( by e-mail or skype

We propose a great working environment, friendly colleagues, access to a large variety of analytical techniques, a broad international collaboration network and steady funding.

Candidates with a master degree or PhD in Geology, Earth Sciences or related field with a combination of the following:

  • Scientific curiosity,
  • Smart, motivated & hard working,
  • Quick learner with creative and pragmatic problem-solving approach,
  • Skills in geochemistry, sedimentology, analytical techniques.
  • Capability to work in English, team player

Start date Spring 2020, or ASAP

HOW TO APPLY: Send your CV before January 31, 2020, with a cover letter, a description of your research interest and the names of three references (all in PDF) to Philippe Claeys,

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