Thursday, October 27, 2016

Geobiology at GSA 2016

We had a fabulous time at GSA this year, here are some shots of our division luncheon and awards ceremony.
Outgoing president Marc Laflamme (right) and incoming president Simon Darrock (left)

The Distinguished Career Award Recipient Dawn Sumner (University of California - Davis)
 Dawn Sumner (left) and outgoing president Marc Laflamme (right)
Dawn said this was one of the most meaningful awards she had won because it was from her own people (Geobiologists). Thank you for being a fabulous advocate for geobiology Dawn!

The Pre-Tenure Award Recipient Erik Sperling (Stanford University)
We expect great things Erik, no pressure!
Outgoing president Marc Laflamme (left) and Erik Sperling (right)

The 2015 student presentation award winners
Left to right: Marc Laflamme, Sharon Newman, Lucy Chang, Brooke Long, Sarah Kahanamoku, and Simon Darroch

Oral Presentation Winners:
  • Lucy Chang: 'Morphological predictors of background extinction risk for ammonites through the Cretaceous'
  • Sharon Newman: 'A recipe for cyanobacterial fossilization in siliciclastic environments'

Honorable mentions:
  • Erynn Johnson: 'Can we learn anything from all those pieces? Obtaining data on drilling predation from fragmented high-spired gastropod shells'
  • Dylan Wilmeth: 'Microbial metabolisms influence carbonate precipitation in a laminated microbial mat'

Poster Presentation Winners:
  • Sarah Kahanamoku: 'High-throughput semi-3D imaging of macroinvertebrates: a test case using Northeastern Pacific patellogastropods'
  • Brooke Long: 'Testing the association of Stewartia floridana shell morphology with environmental parameters in a coastal seagrass area'

Honorable mentions:
  • William Gearty: 'Phylogenetic and fossil evidence for a common body size attractor in marine mammals'
  • Elizabeth Clark: 'Biomechanical analysis of stylophoran (phylum Echinodermata) motion'

We hope everyone enjoyed the lunch, see you next year!

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