Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hi Everyone! We are working on a new Website/Blog for the GSA Geobiology and Geomicrobiology division. Come to this site for news about the division, recent papers, member profiles, job listings (Postdoc and Tenure track), and student opportunities! In case you aren't familiar with us, here's our purpose statement:

The purpose of the Division is to bring together scientists working at the interface of biology and geology; to encompass the integration of these disciplines through time and across space; to simultaneously promote both the broad scope and detailed disciplinary work demanded of rigorous interdisciplinary research; to nurture this emerging spectrum of fields by active encouragement and mentoring of students; and to advise and assist the officers and committees of GSA in matters related to geobiology and geomicrobiology. Fields currently within this Division include: biogeochemistry, biomineralogy, geochemical ecology, paleontology, micropaleontology, origins of life and co-evolution of planets and life, paleobiology and paleoecology, molecular paleontology and ecology, systems modeling and informatics, and astrobiology.

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